News Media Solutions

News Media Solutions for $180 / yr plus bandwidth starting at $0.35 / gb based on volume
On air, Online!
eZ Enterprise Services has developed a revolutionary new technology for delivering your full newscast, breaking news coverage, on-demand repeats of your broadcasts and special web-only programming to viewers via your website. Complete with affiliate advertising capabilities, our system creates an enhanced online revenue stream for your station by targeting those who seek their news on the web.
There has been a measurable change in the way people ingest information via the internet. Live Internet based media has advanced leaps and bounds above anything we could have dreamed of just three years ago. The combination of advanced technology, and the need for viewers to obtain their news and other media-based information via the web, has set the stage for you to bring your newscasts and special productions to viewers and with eZ, you can do it with ease.

Alternative news from the field to television and/or web
Forget about line-of-sight microwave units, lengthy set-ups, and the need for an engineer to make everything come together for a quick live shot in a breaking news situation.  Enterprise Services utilizes your cellular data card, a laptop and a dashcam to deliver high quality video with 3-second lag in 3G & 4G data coverage and 20-second lag in 1x data.  The capability of our technology is boundless:

  • Very popular for use by station freelance and contracted storm chasers
  • Our in-studio “behind the scenes” static cam offering, with PTZ cam is the most versatile and cost effective available
  • eZ’s City Cam service can supply live video to a single output for TV or to the masses on a website.  All that’s needed is an internet connection at the camera site

    easy set-up ~ small footprint ~ stellar live video!

Live streaming news to web (on air, online)
Live streaming in a broadcast news setting can take on many forms. On air, online is eZ E-prise Services’ flagship product and the basis on which many of our other offerings are based.  On air, online gives you the flexibility to run a daily scheduled broadcast to web viewers, increasing visibility of your news product, boosting demographics for advertising sales and reaching out to new viewers you might not otherwise capture; not to mention increased web ad impressions.

  • Your solution for daily alternative morning & midday broadcasts. Bring a slew of new users to your website with this turn-key solution
  • Lost advertising and programming during marginal breaking news & weather is a thing of the past.  eZuplink on air, online is an alternative to costly programming interruptions

    breaking news to television, web, or both!

Canned news distribution on-demand
Your web viewers are visiting in search of content.  Serve it up as on-demand clips from a previous television broadcast or even special web-casts, all with just a few clicks.  eZuplink has many terabytes of storage and the ability to serve out news and other affiliate owned content on-demand.  Pre and post-roll advertising is easily inserted at the station level and another revenue source is in place for your company.

Syndication On-demand
eZ is authorized via certification, to store and deliver on-demand, syndicated programming for web distribution on network or affiliate network websites.  Pre and post-roll advertising can be inserted at the station level for additional revenue generation.
As the demand for online videos continues to increase, sports broadcasters, movie studios and television networks must find a way to deliver streaming media to their broadband users. Powered by one of the most connected and sophisticated content delivery networks in the world, the eZ streaming platform is designed to support the next generation of streaming for all leading Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) media formats in live or canned distribution modes.

Contact us at 855.805.4545 if you have specific questions regarding our capabilities.  There is no cost for a content quote and turnaround is guaranteed within one business day.  You may also e-mail Rates start at $0.35/gb based on volume