Wedding Live

Increase your product offering and revenue with Wedding Live event streaming for your clients!

An eZuplink service and package designed just for wedding photographers & videographers, ‘Wedding Live’ is our latest offering thanks to an increase in demand for online simulcast distribution and archive of wedding events. Increase your product line and revenue with a “set it and forget it” live event streaming solution!

Our plan is simple; you are provided a player and logo-free output for your website, a video encoder for your computer and unlimited event-based use of ¬†of our servers to distribute your customer’s event from anywhere to everywhere!
Technology is available now, using 3g & 4G wireless cards from your cellular carrier to stream where wifi isn’t available.

Wedding streams do not have to be a full production. A laptop, a wireless connection of any type, and a camera is all you need. Simple operation and no need to monitor the system saves man-hours and makes this feature offering a near 100% profit margin! Now take a look at the pricing and prepare to be amazed!

Event-based unlimited streaming:
$50.00 / month
$500.00 / year

eZ requires no contracts and we are a no-hassle company offering a pro-rated money-back guarantee. See, we’re even up front about that! Know what else we offer? A toll-free support number you can call any time for emergent situations. Finally, we have a network of servers with guaranteed up-time. Compare our pricing structure and you’ll see why eZuplink is an obvious choice for expanding your product line.