Why not Skype / Ustream?

We are all magnetized to “FREE”.  We like to get as much as possible for as little as possible.  Services like Ustream, Livestream and Skype, while well established, and carry the magic moniker of “FREE”, they are not copyright friendly.  If you want to document you and your friends cutting up at the local coffee shop or live stream your neighbor’s cat stalking a bird, these services are great!  To document breaking news and weather though, there are some tricky license terms you should know about.

Just like the news you shoot to tape, your live stream should carry the same strict rights.  The websites mentioned above all retain rights to any video that passes through their servers.  Your video may be rebroadcast to partner websites and news outlets, used in marketing materials and even rebroadcast OR SOLD at a later date; all without your knowing or your consent.

Live and recorded media produced on eZuplink individual subscriptions and corporate accounts are, at no point owned or distributed by eZuplink, Bennett Miller, LLP or any other sub entity.  We operate in pro-customer fashion and concentrate on delivering service, not harboring media for profit.

Please take a moment to review the terms of service at the mass streaming companies.  You will be glad you did.

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